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San  Riverside - Dźwinacz Górny

The Central Geological Database (Centralna Baza Danych Geologicznych – CBDG) is the largest Polish collection of digital geological data, such as detailed information on boreholes, archival geological reports and various types of geophysical research.

On the CBDG site necessary data can be quickly and precisely retrieved by means of many different applications. Continuously developed and improved, free Internet access to the database is the fastest way to find information about Poland’s geology, collected by the archives for decades.

Portal CBDG is the main gateway to the world of spatial data from different fields of geology. These data are available in various ways. Among other things, thanks to this Portal, abbreviation CBDG can be read also as more and more available geology (in Polish: CBDG = Coraz Bardziej Dostępna Geologia).