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About the CBDG

Maintained and developed by the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, the CBDG remains the largest collection of digital data on Earth sciences in Poland. It is aimed at gathering and sharing information on geology and related sciences to support geological authorities, the Department of Geology and Geological Concessions in the Ministry of the Environment, the National Geological Survey, universities and other academic centres as well as geological enterprises and companies.

The CBDG is supervised by Department of Maintaining Information Systems of the Institute, responsible for the continuous update and development of the database, which includes adding data as well as creating new subsystems.

Employees supervising the CBDG:

  • mgr Marek Adamski
  • mgr Iwona Duliban
  • mgr Sylwia Gąsińska
  • inż. Marcin Gołębiewski
  • dr inż. Piotr Gut
  • mgr Renata Karoń-Słomczyńska
  • mgr Jarosław Kmita
  • mgr Magdalena Langner
  • mgr Tomasz Liszewski
  • mgr Ewa Machalska
  • mgr Radosław Markiewicz
  • mgr Wojciech Paciura
  • mgr Izabella Sadowa
  • mgr inż. Dorota Siewruk-Wróblewska
  • mgr Dominik Stańczuk
  • mgr Milena Staros