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Central Geological Database collects the data obtained from several types geophysical surveys. The CBDG Internet service provides an application, the geographic viewer (GIS), to search for and retrieve spatial data of geophisical surves and measurement points.

Well-log Data

The subsystem contains well-log data in LAS format. It concerns the borehole logging and vertical seismic measurements and is strictly related to the Boreholes subsystem.

So far hhe subsystem contains well-log data from the GEOFLOG database (more than 800 deep boreholes) as well as data on the average velocities in boreholes, available in the PGI. In 2008, the subsystem Well-log Data obtained a new data within the project "Verification of boreholes 2008". The subsystem is constantly updated with new data contained in documentation harvested by Central Geological Arhives.

Browsing the data is possible with the profile browser, a component of the Boreholes application. It presents in the graphic form results of geophysical measurements in boreholes



Seismics CBDG

Seismcs subsystem collects and presents the metadata about seismic surveys in Poland. At the moment the subsystem contains metadata about surveys performed from the mid-70s of last century to the end of 2007.

An internet application dedicated to the seismic data allows you to search and retrieve basic information, in the form of table or on the map.

Subsystem Seismics related to the Reports.

Surface geophysical surveys

Surface geophysical surveys subsystem contains measurements from such geopysical methods as gravimetry, magnetics, magnetotellurics and vertical electrical soundings.

The subsystem, so far, gathered stores the gravimetric measurements, the Earth's magnetic field intensity measurements, the airborne magnetic measurements in Carpathian Mountains and Sudetes, the vertical electrical soundings (part) and magnetotelluric soundings.

Sample petrophysics

The Sample petrophysics subsystem stores the results of several petrophysical measurements of rock samples such as magnetic, density, acoustic, electric and thermal parameters, permeability and porosity, the radioactivity of the rock samples and the parameters of elasticity.