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Data obtained from boreholes

Subsystem CBDG Boreholes

The subsystem provides information about boreholes. A complex structure of the database enables storing detailed geological information. New reports on stratigraphic and lithological profiles are created, based on source information obtained from boreholes. The database users have access to all the reports, both the historical and modern ones. Additionally, selected data on drill cores stored in the archives are available in the subsystem.

The subsystem contains geological data on:

  • chrono-, litho-, tectono-, climato- and biostratigraphy,
  • lithology
  • sedimentary structures (with their parameters where available),
  • tectonic structures (with their parameters where available),
  • fossil location,
  • mineral location,
  • bitumen location,
  • drill cores

The Boreholes subsystem is complemented by the Well-log Data subsystem and the Survey Sites subsystem. The Boreholes subsystem is related to the Documents, Geological Collections and Analyses subsystems.

The Boreholes application is used to browse detailed data obtained from boreholes, such as comprehensive information on stratigraphic and lithological profiles, geophysical surveys and drill cores. Having selected data obtained from a borehole, the users can display them in a graphic form by means of the profile browser, a component of the application.

The records from borehole cards sent to the Central Geological Archives are systematically entered into the CBDG. Moreover, several projects were launched in the Institute to complete the existing data.