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The subsystem provides data obtained from boreholes as well as information on geophysical surveys. Further reading: About The CBDG - Boreholes

It is possible to search for data by means of the form and the geographic viewer with information layers available:

  • Boreholes >=500m
  • Boreholes <500m
  • Boreholes - well-log data

Since the ‘Boreholes <500m’ layer contains a large number of objects (about 150 000) and generating a map takes a longer while, it is advised to zoom to the area of your interest in order to view the map more quickly and efficiently. Specifically, you should first click the ‘Zoom In’ button and then proceed to view the ‘Boreholes’ layer. The functions of the geographic viewer are described in more detail in ‘The GIS Viewer – The User’s Manual’

Boreholes CBDG

Boreholes - application

Geographic viewer (GIS) CBDG

Geographic viewer (GIS)

The new application that provides the data from the Boreholes subsystem has advanced functionalities for data search and retrieval. Among other things, it presents detailed information on stratigraphic and lithological profiles, geophysical surveys and drill cores.

The users can view the chosen data obtained from a borehole in a graphic form by means of the profile browser, a component of the application.

Legal regulations do not allow public Internet access to certain data from boreholes.