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European cooperation: eEarth, GEOMIND, Geo-Seas

The CBDG team is one of the partners that originated the European projects called eEarth, GEOMIND and Geo-Seas. Created in international collaboration, the Internet multilingual applications offer access to data on boreholes and geophysical surveys.

GEOMINDClosely cooperating with other PGI departments, the CBDG team actively participated in the international project called GEOMIND, prepared by a consortium of 12 partner institutions from 9 European countries. As a result, a multilingual Internet portal was established to integrate geophysical data obtained from resources of the countries involved in the initiative.

Moreover, international standards of representing both metadata and detailed data were set, which promotes further integration and popularization of European and global geoinformation.


Geo-Seas is a project whose aim is to bring together in one place information about the data in the field of geology and geophysics acquired during the study of marine areas in Europe. These data come from 26 research centers located in 17 countries. In Poland, the center is the Marine Geology Branch PGI.

The combination of information relating to the common areas of research led to the build platform for exchange of geological and geophysical data.

The effects of these works are one of the segments of the European system of management of marine and ocean data - "SeaDataNet". This system collects information about the marine environment and ocean from various fields of science, contributing to the interdisciplinary exchange of information between scientists, state geological surveys, and other organizations.

eEarthThe eEarth system enables the users to browse borehole data collected by six European geological surveys: British, Dutch, German, Polish, Czech and Lithuanian. Additionally, the multilingual website with the GIS functionality provides borehole data in seven languages: English, Dutch, German, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian and Italian.