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Archival geophysical reports

The basis of geophysical information collected in Central Geological Database (CBDG) are archived geophysical reports stored in the Central Geological Archives (CAG).

The Documentation form enables the users to search for data once they tick one of the following fields:

  • Reports on geoelectricity,
  • Reports on geophysics,
  • Reports on gravimetry
  • Reports on magnetics,
  • Reports on radiometry,
  • Reports on seismology,
  • Reports on spectrometry.
Archival reports CBDG

Archival reports CBDG

Searching archival geophysical reports in CBDG

Searching archival geophysical reports

The new web application that provides the data from the Documents subsystem has advanced functionalities for data search and retrieval. This subsystem contains catalogue data of archival geological reports from the Central Geological Archives in Warsaw, its offices in the PGI regional branches and other archives in Poland.