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Geophysics on Map

The Map Viewer of the Central Geological Database provides many layers containing geophysical measurements::

  • Seismics 2D,
  • Seismics 3D,
  • Geoelectric documentations,
  • Research Points - Geoelectrical sounding - SGE,
  • Research Points - Magnetism,
  • Research Points - Magnetotellurics,
  • Research Points - Gravimetry,
  • Marine geophysical profiles,
  • Boreholes - well-log data.
Map Viewer CBDG

Map Viewer CBDG

Due to the large number of research points (about 800,000) in layers: "Magnetism" and "Gravimetry" and therefore long time map generation, viewing them is possible only on a larger scale, after selecting a fragment of Poland. Therefore, first use the Zoom tool and only when the map is displayed in a sufficiently large scale, research points will appear on the screen. For more information see the "Map Viewer Manual".


Map Services: WMS, WFS

Map Services CBDG

Map Services CBDG

CBDG spatial data server publishes mapping services containing information about geophysical research in the international standards of map sharing - WMS and WFS. These services can be viewed in browsers support this type of services, for example GeoLOG.

  • Seismics 2D and 3D,
  • Research Points - SGE,
  • Research Points - Magnetism,
  • Research Points - Gravimetry,
  • Research Points - Magnetotellurics.


Search for map services in our application - CBDG - Services WMS & WFS