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Well-log data

In CBDG well logging data are stored in LAS format. These data include carrotage and measurements for seismic. This data is closely related to the CBDG BOREHOLE Subsystem.

Geophysical drilling data from the GEOFLOG database (over 800 deep boreholes) was transferred to CBDG, as well as the available in PGI-NRI information about average speed in boreholes. In 2008, CBDG obtained the carrotage measurements from the "2008 holes verification" project. CBDG is constantly updated with new data coming to NAG with the geological documentation.

Boreholes CBDG

Boreholes CBDG - application

For viewing data, use the Profile Browser, which is a component of the Borehole application. It presents in graphical form as caroting curves selected by the user the results of geophysical measurements obtained from the borehole.

Legal regulations do not allow public Internet access to certain data from boreholes.