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Clay raw materials for production of mineral paints

Mineral pigments were the main materials for production of mineral paints. Nowadays they are replaced by the artificial pigments. Nevertheless, they can be also used for oil paints, varnishes, enamels, putties etc. In the production of mineral paints chalk, barite, gypsum and burnt lime are also used as mineral fillers and weighting agents.

The most important pigments are: ochre, umbra, terra di Siena, iron minium, browns and earth green.

In Poland two deposits of ochre, argils and ochre claystones have been explored so far. They are both located near Kielce – Buk and Baczyna deposits (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship). In these deposits, in argillic measures of Rhaetic–Liassic, ochre makes lens accumulations.

In Baczyna deposit there are three types of ochre occurring. They are documented in C1 category: yellow, red and brown. This deposit has never been exploited. Buk deposit was exploited till 1976, nowadays there are only anticipated subeconomic resources documented in this deposit (table 1).

Prepared by: Robert Bońda