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On the website mineral raw materials were organized within four groups on the basis of their usability as a mineral commodity. Sometimes it can be misleading – for example: dolomite deposits are located in two mineral raw materials groups – as commodities for ceramic industry and in dimension and crushed stones group; limestones are used as a commodity for cement and lime industry and as dimension stones. Such examples can also be referred to other raw materials or rocks. It can be easily explained by the range of commodity studies, which were performed for particular industries during the exploration and documentation process of raw materials deposits. To make it easier mineral raw materials are also presented in alphabetical order.

All data were presented on the basis of the actual information coming from the system of management and protection of mineral resources in Poland MIDAS, carried out by the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute, and on the basis of publication "The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland as of 31 XII 2022".