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Helium is found in numerous natural gas fields in the Polish Lowlands. Its content is varying from 0.02 to 0.45 %. Resources of that gas were demonstrated in fifteen natural gas fields where its content is varying from 0.22 to 0.42 %. These gas fields are situated in the Zielona Góra - Rawicz – Odolanów area (southern part of the Fore-Sudetic Monocline) and related to the Rotliegend, Zechstein Limestone and Main Dolomite formations of the Permian. Helium is produced from gas fields in which its content is above 0.27 % at the average.

Table 1 shows the current state of development of helium resources.

In 2010, production of helium was equal 1.01 million m3.

The table below shows resources and production of helium in Poland in the years 1989-2010.

Export of helium amounted to 474.55 tonnes in 2010 and decreased by 173.23 tonnes in comparison with 2009. The most significant decrease was noted in export to Germany (from 227.5 tonnes to 5.72 tonnes), the highest increase was noted for Belgium (from 120.86 tonnes to 363.97 tonnes). Import of helium amounted to 68.73 tonnes in 2010, with Austria as the main direction (54.53 tonnes).

Accepted abbreviations:

  • B - for solid minerals - mine in building process, for fuels - prepared for exploitation or trial period of the exploitation
  • E - exploited
  • G - underground natural gas storage facilities
  • M - deposit crossed out of the annual report of mineral resources during analized period
  • P - deposit covered by preliminary exploration (in C2+D category, for fuels – in C category)
  • R - deposit covered by detailed exploration (in A+B+C1 category, for fuels – in A+B category)
  • Z - abandoned deposit
  • T - deposit exploited temporarily
  • K - change of the raw material in deposit

Prepared by: Martyna Czapigo