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Metals and elements coexisting in ores and in other raw materials

This group of mineral raw materials mainly comprises metals which deposits have not been hitherto discovered in Poland and the domestic demand is fully covered by import, except for some amounts which are or may be recovered from processing and recycling non-mineral waste-derived raw materials. Metals assigned to this group include aluminum, chromium, magnesium and manganese as well as several elements of smaller economic importance such as antimony, cobalt and noble metals.

Metallic elements occur mainly in sulfides ore deposits. This is the case of Polish copper and zinc-lead deposits with fairly long records of various co-occurring elements. The elements, often of high market value, are already recovered or may be recoverable in the course of processing of these ores. Accumulations of some of these elements were covered by prospecting and exploration which resulted often in evaluations of their indicated/inferred and sometimes even geological resources. Further fate of resources of these metals will depend on domestic demand and changes in prices at the international markets.

Rare earth elements and those named as dispersed elements were also found to occur in beach sands and saline waters and brines.

Prepared by: Stanisław Z. Mikulski