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Mineral Resources of Poland

Mineral Resources of Poland is a periodic English-speaking publishing house, elaborated by the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) as one of the tasks performed by a state geological survey. The survey supports the central government administration i.a. in terms of the domestic resources security and by providing the geological knowledge to the foreign companies that are interested in cooperation with Poland in the area of mineral resources deposits development. It applies not only to the stages of deposits prospecting and exploring but also to the mineral raw materials exploitation.

The current – fifth in turn – edition of the publication was issued in June 2017. Similarly to the previous editions it contains the latest available data on a domestic resources base of particular raw materials and the output volume. For selected raw materials there are also graphs with the multi-year data presented. In contrast to previous editions of Mineral Resources of Poland, the current one is much more focused on legal and economic factors – it discusses legal regulations of geological and mining projects, the concession system, ownership of mineral resource deposits and the geological and mining administration and its responsibilities. Two other important issues underscored in the publication are geological documentation and requirements for candidates seeking a certificate of licensed geologist in Poland. Moreover, it addresses the scope of economic and financial duties (taxes, levies) of the general nature and those based on the Geological and Mining Law. Mineral Resources of Poland broadly presents also geological information sources in Poland together with their use at the geological and mining stages. The separate part is dedicated to the connection between the domestic resources classification system used in Poland and the international classification – United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009 (currently: United Nations Framework Classification for Resources), which is becoming more widely common in the world.

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