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Filtration gravel

Filtration sand and gravel are used in the purification of potable water and the sewage treatment. The material used for these purposes is a specifically graded pure quartz gravel. The deposits of filtration gravel have been documented in the area of 2 Voviodeships – Pomorskie (the Nowy Dwór deposit) and Śląskie (the Panoszów deposit). Their total anticipated economic resources are equal 273 thousand tonnes (Table 1). The deposits have not been exploited so far.

The whole domestic demand for filtration sand and gravel is fully covered with the material recovered in the processing of ennobling the natural aggregates from deposits situated in Opolskie Voivodeship, foundry sands from the Opoczno area and glass sands from the vicinities of Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

The total amount of filtration sand and gravel obtained in 2021 from the Rakowiczki deposit in Opolskie Voivodeship amounted to 4,808.25 tonnes (including: 3,454.605 tonnes of filtration sand and 1,353.645 tonnes of filtration gravel), from the foundry sands deposits in the vicinities of Opoczno amounted to 75,290 tonnes, whereas from the glass sands deposits in the vicinities of Tomaszów Mazowiecki – 12,947 tonnes of filtration gravel and 6,630 tonnes of special gravel.

Prepared by: Agnieszka Malon