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The workgroup responsible for preparing "The balance of mineral resources in Poland as of 31.12.2018” (there are raw materials ascribed to particular person listed in the brackets):

The Polish Geological Survey

Economic Geology Program

    Head of Economic Geology Program
    Marcin Szuflicki, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 444, e-mail: marcin.szuflicki@pgi.gov.pl

    Barite and fluorspar; Clay raw materials for production of mineral paints; Diatomaceous rock; Phosphorites; Siliceous earth; Sulfur; Preparation of maps
    Robert Bońda
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 459, e-mail: robert.bonda@pgi.gov.pl

    Amber; Bentonites and bentonitic clays; Calcite; Dimension and crushed stones; Flintstones; Sand and gravel; Limestones and marls for cement and lime industries; High nitrogenous natural gas; Natural gas; Helium; Crude oil
    Dariusz Brzeziński, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 291, e-mail: dariusz.brzezinski@pgi.gov.pl

    High nitrogenous natural gas; Natural gas; Helium; Crude oil
    Martyna Czapigo-Czapla, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 537, e-mail: martyna.czapigo@pgi.gov.pl

    Sand and gravel
    Anna Kalinowska, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 194, e-mail: anna.kalinowska@pgi.gov.pl

    Coal bed Methane – CBM; Hard coal; Zinc and lead ores; Copper and silver ores; Refractory quartzites; Vein quartz; Magnesites; Foundry sands; Quartz sands for production of cellular concrete and lime-sand brick, Backfilling sands; Kaolin; Feldspar raw materials; Glass raw materials; Filtration sand and gravel; Glauconite-bearing sediments
    Agnieszka Malon, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 505 , e-mail: agnieszka.malon@pgi.gov.pl

    Brown coal
    Sławomir Mazurek, Ph.D.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 274, e-mail: slawomir.mazurek@pgi.gov.pl

    Sand and gravel, Dimension and crushed stones
    Wojciech Miśkiewicz, M.Sc., Eng.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 214, e-mail: wojciech.miskiewicz@pgi.gov.pl

    Preparation of maps; Rules for preparing maps of mineral raw materials deposits occurrence in Poland
    Dariusz Siekiera, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 459, e-mail: dariusz.siekiera@pgi.gov.pl

    Brines, curative and thermal water
    Jakub Sokołowski, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 361, e-mail: jakub.sokolowski@pgi.gov.pl

    Sand and gravel
    Joanna Stawierej, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 466, e-mail: joanna.stawierej@pgi.gov.pl

    Chalk; Mineral raw materials for engineering works; Building ceramics raw materials; Clay raw materials for cement production; Clay raw materials for lightweight aggregate production; Peat
    Wojciech Szczygielski, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 219, e-mail: wojciech.szczygielski@pgi.gov.pl

    Brown coal; Ceramic clays; Coal bed Methane – CBM; Copper and silver ores; Dolomites; Hard coal; Phyllite, quartzitic and micaceous schists; Refractory clays; Zinc and lead ores; Exports and imports of mineral raw materials
    Marcin Tymiński, M.Sc.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 202, e-mail: marcin.tyminski@pgi.gov.pl

Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Program

Brines, curative and thermal water
Lesław Skrzypczyk, Ph.D.
phone +48 (22) 45 92 362, e-mail: leslaw.skrzypczyk@pgi.gov.pl

Research and Development Division

Mineral Raw Materials and Energy Resources Department

    Amber; Sands with heavy minerals
    Prof. Krzysztof Szamałek
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 344, e-mail: krzysztof.szamalek@pgi.gov.pl

    Potassium-magnesium salts; Rock salt; Gypsum and anhydryte
    Grzegorz Czapowski, Ph.D., D.Sc., PGI-NRI Associate Prof.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 259, e-mail: grzegorz.czapowski@pgi.gov.pl

    Zinc and lead ores; Copper and silver ores; Molybdenum-tungsten-copper ores; Nickel ores; Gold, arsenium and tin ores; Iron, titanium and vanadium ores; Metals and elements coexisting in ores and in other raw materials
    Stanisław Z. Mikulski, Ph.D., D.Sc., PGI-NRI Associate Prof.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 235, e-mail: stanislaw.mikulski@pgi.gov.pl

    Zinc and lead ores; Copper and silver ores
    Sławomir Oszczepalski, Ph.D., D.Sc., PGI-NRI Associate Prof.
    phone +48 (22) 45 92 260, e-mail: slawomir.oszczepalski@pgi.gov.pl