Coraz Bardziej Dostępna Geologia

The Central Geological Database (Centralna Baza Danych Geologicznych) is the largest Polish collection of digital geological data, such as detailed information on boreholes, archival geological reports and various types of geophysical research.

CBDG Portal provides access to geological data in many different ways.

Mobile geology

Screen 1 from application GeoLOG

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Geological data can be viewed on different mobile devices using aplication GeoLOG. This application use the map services served by CBDG. You can also load WMS from the other geoportals.

GeoLOG is an universal tool and therefore may also be used on computer with standard monitor.

GeoLOG is an improved version of the first mobile application of the CBDG - Geologia.

GeoLOG in Google Play GeoLOG in App Store

Geology Online - GIS


The CBDG Internet service provides Portal GEOLOGIA to search for and retrieve spatial data. It allows you to search by multiple criteria, and analyzing spatial information. Portal presents basic data about the different types of objects. from CBDG. more...

Free download geological data

CBDG - Download manager

Geological spatial data can be downloaded free of charge in the file format SHP. It is possible to download files only for the following thematic layers prepared by the Polish Geological Institute-NRI.
Free download

Geological Web Map Services

CBDG - WMS/WFS srvices

The CBDG server publishes map services using the international standard protocol for web mapping, WMS i WFS. Maps can be viewed in a mobile application GeoLOG.


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