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About Geosites

Geosite or geotope (German geotope, Polish geostanowisko) is a single or a mosaic spread object with outstanding geological values​​. The geosite documents the geological history of the area or illustrate various geologic processes, for example: interesting forms of landscapes, boulders, accumulation of fossil fauna and flora etc. The Central Register of Polish geosites will enable easy access to information about geosites.

The aim of the project is to support the preservation geodiversity and geological heritage of the country. Easy access to information about the geodiversity of the region is important for the government and organizations and associations dealing with nature conservation. The Central Register of Polish Geosites will contain information characterizing an object from the location and identify opportunities for directions, through the geological characteristics of the object, photo galleries, and bibliographies on the geosites.

Initially the project has provided 1 500 geosites.