Geo-engineering atlases

Geo-engineering atlases of urban agglomerations are the largest unique collection of digital data of this type in Poland. They include detailed information obtained from geo-engineering, geotechnical, hydrogeological reports as well as borehole profiles.

Logo BDGIThematic maps of the atlases are a visual synthesis of the geo-engineering information from the Central Geological Database(Centralna Baza Danych Geologicznych – CBDG). They allow the assessment of geo-engineering conditions of the agglomeration areas, for instance in spatial planning. Also, they help to take decisions related to planning detailed substratum surveys and minimizing the environmental damage as well as preparing prognoses and economic aspects of investments. Layers with data on geological and economic threats can be analysed to prepare maps of risk.

Geo-engineering atlases in the scale of 1:10 000 and geo-engineering databases are prepared on request of the Ministry of the Environment. Contractors are selected in a public tender procedure. The Polish Geological Institute has been involved in this enterprise since 2000.